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L&T My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance Plan

L&T My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance Plan - The rural people of India are in uncertainty with their earnings, because of their dependency only on the natural resources. My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance is an insurance policy to safeguard the lives of those people. However this plan is designed to provide adequate service within an affordable price to the lesser privileged individuals.

Major facilities of the policy - L&T My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance Plan

  • In case of hospitalization for minimum 24 hours, this policy covers the expenses like room rent, boarding and nursing and the limit is up to 300 rupees in a day. The maximum amount of 12,500 rupees for a single illness is provided.
  • Expenses for day care are available so that if you will be hospitalized for less than 24 hours, the expenses will be covered.
  • The medical expenses that incurred 30 days prior to hospitalization due to illness or injury are covered under the terms of policy.
  • Relevant expenses after 0 days from the date of discharge from hospital in case of any disease, illness or injury, are also covered in this policy.
  • After 4 continuous renewals, you will get the coverage for a pre-existing disease in 5th year of policy.
  • The expenses for Ayurvedic treatments are covered under this policy in case of minimum 24 hours hospitalization. For these treatments, 7,500 rupees is payable for a single person and up to 12,500 rupees is payable for a policy.

Added facilities of the policy - L&T My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance Plan



Option for Individual or family floater plan

4 members for family floater (Spouse and 2 dependent children up to 18 years)

Income tax benefit under section 80D

If premium paid through cheque/DD

Sum insured

30,000 rupees

Eligibility - L&T My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance Plan

  • Entry age for this policy is minimum 18 years and you can go for this policy till the age of 65 years.
  • Renewal of this policy is obtainable for lifetime.
  • Children above the age of 6 months and adults below 65 years are covered under this policy.
  • Children between the ages of 6 months to 18 years can be included under this policy if only parents are covered.

Premium payable - L&T My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance Plan

The standard amount of sum insured for a policy is 30, 000. The premiums payable for this insured sum is given below in the table.

Age group

Premium amount (Including service tax)

5 months to 60 years

730 rupees

61 years to 65 years


Exclusions - L&T My Jeevika Medisure Micro Insurance Plan

  • Expenses due to hospitalization for any pre-existing disease are not cover for the first 2 years of the policy.
  • If any illness occurred within 30 days of inception of the policy, you will not get coverage for the expenses.
  • Hernia, Hydrocele, Congenital Internal disease, Gall Stone or Renal Stone removal, Hysterectomy, Cataract, Ulcers, Joint Replacement Surgery, Diabetes, Hypertension and related complications; expenses for these ailments are not covered for one year.
  • Childbirth and related expenses are not covered.
  • In case of attempt to suicide, you will not get coverage.