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Bharti AXA Guaranteed Income Plan Saving Plan and Policy

Bharti AXA Guaranteed Income Plan Saving Plan and Policy - A savings plan that provides increasing income every year ensuring that the rising expenses are taken care of and Life Insurance coverage in case of an unfortunate event to keep your family covered even in the worst eventuality.

Details - Bharti AXA Guaranteed Income Plan Saving Plan and Policy:

Parameter Eligibility Criteria
Policy Term & Premium Payment Term
Policy Term Premium Payment Term
15 years 8 years
19 years 10 years
23 years 12 years
29 years 15 years

Minimum age at entry

Policy Term Age at Entry
15 years 3 years
19/23/29 years 91 days
The insurance cover will start immediately on policy commencement for all lives including minors.
Maximum age at entry 55 years for all Policy Terms

Maximum Age at Maturity

Policy Term Age at Maturity
15 years 70 years
19 years 74 years
23 years 78 years
29 years 84 years
Minimum Sum Assured (Rs.) Rs 25,000
Maximum Sum Assured (Rs.) No Limit, subject to underwriting

Minimum Premium (Rs.)

Policy Term Minimum Premium
15 years Rs. 7,167
19 years Rs. 5,370
23 years Rs. 4,259
29 years Rs. 3,375
Premium Payment Modes Annual, semi- annual, quarterly* & monthly*

Details - Bharti AXA Guaranteed Income Plan Saving Plan and Policy:

  • Survival Payout*: On Survival of the Life Assured till the end of the premium payment term, Survival Payouts are paid as a percentage of ONE Annual Premium which increases every year at 10% of annual premium from the end of the premium payment term till one year before the end of the policy term. The Survival Payout percentage varies depending on the Annual Premium and is as given below

    End of Policy Year Premium Payment Term
    8 years 10 years 12 years 15 years
    8 100% -- -- --
    9 110% -- -- --
    10 120% 105% -- --
    11 130% 115% -- --
    12 140% 125% 115% --
    13 150% 135% 125% --
    14 160% 145% 135% --
    15 -- 155% 145% 125%
    16 -- 165% 155% 135%
    17 -- 175% 165% 145%
    18 -- 185% 175% 155%
    19 -- -- 185% 165%
    20 -- -- 195% 175%
    21 -- -- 205% 185%
    22 -- -- 215% 195%
    23 -- -- -- 205%
    24 -- -- -- 215%
    25 -- -- -- 225%
    26 -- -- -- 235%
    27 -- -- -- 245%
    28 -- -- -- 255%
    • Subject to the policy being in force and all due premiums being paid

    Maturity Benefit : In case the Life Insured survives till the maturity of the Policy and all premiums are duly paid, then the benefits as mentioned below will be payable to the Policyholder on the date of maturity :

    Premium Payment Term Maturity Date MaturityBenefit as a % of one Annual Premium
    8 years End of 15th policy year  170% of Annual Premium
    10 years End of 19th policy year  195% of Annual Premium
    12 years End of 23rd policy year  225% of Annual Premium
    15 years End of 29th policy year  265% of Annual Premium

    Death Benefit: In case of death of the Life Insured provided the policy is in-force and all due premiums till the date of death have been paid during the policy term, the sum assured on death will be paid to the nominee which is highest of:

    • 10 times annualized premium*
    • 105% of all premiums paid as on date of death
    • Absolute amount assured to be paid on death equal to the sum assured under the policy
    • Sum assured on maturity;

    Death Benefit is payable in addition to any Survival Payout already paid.

Riders - Bharti AXA Guaranteed Income Plan Saving Plan and Policy:

You may enhance your protection under this Plan by opting for the following rider(s):

  • Bharti AXA Life Hospi Cash Rider:- This rider allows payment of a fixed benefit for each day of hospitalization and also provides lump sum benefit in case of surgery. UIN: 130B007V02

  • Bharti AXA Life Accidental Death Benefit Rider:- Under this rider you will receive additional Sum Assured as chosen in case of unfortunate event of death due to an accident. UIN: 130B008V01

  • Bharti AXA Life Premium Waiver Rider:- Under this rider future premiums will be waived off in case of critical illness (for rider taken by Life Insured) and under Critical Illness/Death or ATPD/Both incase Rider is taken by proposer). UIN: 130B005V03

  • Bharti AXA Life Term Rider: Under this rider the policyholder can increase the Life Insurance coverage for a nominal premium. UIN: 130B009V01

Please refer rider brochure for complete details on terms and conditions and exclusions before opting for the rider.

Riders are optional and are available at an extra cost.

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