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Gold Rate/Price in Mysore Today

Gold Buying Price Today Mysore - Find Mysore Gold Selling and Buying Price Today include 1gm gold rate, 8gram gold rate, 22 carat gold and 24 carat gold at

Standard Gold (22 K)
Pure Gold (24 K)
1 gram
8 grams
1 gram
8 grams
09 Feb 2018
₹ 2,821
₹ 22,568
₹ 2,962
₹ 23,696
08 Feb 2018
₹ 2,810
₹ 22,480
₹ 2,951
₹ 23,608
07 Feb 2018
₹ 2,837
₹ 22,696
₹ 2,979
₹ 23,832
06 Feb 2018
₹ 2,870
₹ 22,960
₹ 3,014
₹ 24,112
05 Feb 2018
₹ 2,850
₹ 22,800
₹ 2,993
₹ 23,944
04 Feb 2018
₹ 2,850
₹ 22,800
₹ 2,993
₹ 23,944
03 Feb 2018
₹ 2,850
₹ 22,800
₹ 2,993
₹ 23,944
02 Feb 2018
₹ 2,875
₹ 23,000
₹ 3,019
₹ 24,152
01 Feb 2018
₹ 2,855
₹ 22,840
₹ 2,998
₹ 23,984
31 Jan 2018
₹ 2,855
₹ 22,840
₹ 2,998
₹ 23,984

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Gold rates in Mysore reflect the overall demand for the yellow metal across India, which in all probability, will remain the world's biggest consumer of gold this year, racing past China. Consumer demand in India increased by 15% to 192 tonnes this year affecting gold rates in Mysore and across the country. South India has traditionally been the largest consumer of gold in the country with several major jewelry chains spread across the region for expansion and consolidation. According to market experts, all the southern states including Karnataka account for over 40% of India’s demand for the yellow metal. Mysore has a rich history and culture with widespread use of gold, most famously, the Golden Throne, the royal seat of the rulers of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mysore. Like the rest of India, Gold in Mysore is available in varying weights such as grams and carat. Gold rates in Mysore differ depending on whether it is 24 carat gold or 22 carat.

Gold as an Investment in Mysore

Jewelry: Jewelry in Mysore forms the major component of the overall demand for gold in the city owing to the tradition of buying the yellow metal during festive occasions in addition to it being considered a relatively safe investment. The World Gold Council pegged the current jewelry demand in India at 151 tonnes, a rise of about 22% compared to the same period, last year. Demand for jewelry and investment stood at 842.7 tonnes last year.

Coins: According to the latest report of the World Gold Council, demand for gold bars and coins across the country fell 10% compared to last year as investors diverted their funds into equities owing to robust stock market performance. Experts maintain gold coins should ideally be bought from a well-known jeweler since there is no risk of impurity. While banks sell gold, they don’t buy back coins.

Gold ETFs: One unit of ETF is equivalent to 1 gram of gold. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) have gradually been gaining prominence across the country due to several factors such as high liquidity, ease of investing (ETFs are traded on the stock exchange) among many others. What’s more, there is no wealth tax involved which makes it an attractive investment option.

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