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AEGON Group Term Life Insurance Plan

AEGON Group Term Life Insurance Plan and Policy - There is a well known saying ‘People make the place’. No matter which industry you are in, the value that individuals bring to an organization cannot be underestimated. Most of the people at your work place have a family that financially depends on them. Hence, each one needs life insurance. Providing basic financial security for these employees would not go unnoticed.

Aegon Life Group Term Plan provides the members of your group with a life insurance plan so that their families’ needs are looked after.

Eligibility Details - AEGON Religare iTerm Insurance Plan and Policy:

  • Maturity Age: 60 years
  • Policy Term: 1 year (yearly renewable)
  • Premium Payment Term: Equal to the policy term
  • Size of the Group: Minimum 50 Members, Maximum: No limits
  • Premium Payment Frequency: Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
  • Entry Age: Minimum: 18, Maximum: 59 years
  • Sum Assured: Minimum Rs 5000 per member, Maximum Rs 200000 per member

Benefits - AEGON Religare iTerm Insurance Plan and Policy:

Death Benefits

  • In case of any member’s unfortunate demise, Sum Assured to the nominee will be paid.


  • Sum Assured for every member can be on the basis of: 1) As a multiple of the member’s gross salary 2) As a flat / fixed cover for


  • Members can be included or excluded on a monthly basis.

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