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SBI Protection (Term Insurance) Plans Premium Calculators

SBI Protection (Term Insurance) Plans Premium Calculators - SBI's Term Insurance (Protection) Plan is basically a protection plan which offers protection to policy holder's family. It is specially designed for an individuals who is dependent on others needs. SBI term insurance (Protection) plan in order to avoid financial problems also. It provides insurance cover at low-cost which protect your family in case of unfortunate death of policyholder. The SBI term insurance (Protection) offers only Death benefits. It also offers Additional death benefit rider cover options.

SBI term insurance (Protection) plans offers Online and Offline both mode. Online mode insurance cover is cheaper than Offline. Offline mode insurance cover is more than Online mode due to share of third person. However, offline mode is also cheaper cost compared to other insurance covers. Always remember, while you choosing a SBI term insurance (Protection) plan covers, it is better to select for maximum period of policy term cover. Under this plans almost all kinds of death are covered. In the term insurance cover option, only some exclusions such as death through natural calamities and suicidal death are covered after 12 months of the policy.

Benefits of SBI Term Insurance (Protection) Plans: (SBI Protection Plans Premium Calculators)

  1. Provides death benefits.
  2. Instant Life term insurance cover.
  3. Provides low premium.
  4. Regular and Single payment options are available.
  5. SBI term plans are available in both online and offline modes.
  6. Tax benefits are available under Section 80CCC. For more information regarding Tax Benefits, visit
  7. Additional Rider benefits are available.

SBI Protection Plans Premium Calculators