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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: All You Need to Know

After dedicating all your years towards your job and towards nurturing your kin, It is now time to embark on a cherished world tour that you may have always dream. Since old people are susceptible to medical emergencies, Senior Citizen Travel Insurance is a must.

Benefits of Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens tend to carry slightly higher premiums as insurers view them as higher risk. But, it is not worth traveling around uninsured, as you could end up burning a massive hole in the pocket should the worst happen to you.

The advantages of buying travel insurance for senior citizens varies from one plan to another. The most common ones are:

  • Secures you during the international travel as well as during your stay abroad

  • Coverage is provided even if you fall sick due to pre-existing medical conditions (depending on your plan)

  • Most travel insurance plans don’t require medical tests to buy a policy

  • Plans even offer political risk and catastrophe evacuation

  • Cashless hospitalization and medical concierge services are also available based on the plan you choose.

  • Trip delay, cancellation and baggage loss are also covered (subject to the plan)

Inclusions and Exclusions on Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

The cost of cover depends on the destination. Travel Insurance can cost a bomb for certain locales.

Just make sure you are honest with your insurer and make them aware of your conditions before traveling. If you fail to do that, be ready to face a claim rejection should any misfortunate event occur.

If you plan to head on an extended trip, a standard annual policy is most unlikely to cover you. For that, you need to check for any special long trip plans.


  • Pre-existing diseases (May or may not be covered based on your plan)

  • Medical cover, medical evacuation/repatriation, personal accident, accidental death and disability are included (once again depending on your policy)

  • Trip delay cover, baggage loss, delay of baggage, personal liability, loss of passport is also covered as per the plan chosen by you.


It can vary based on the policy wordings. Some of them are:

  • General physical checkups,

  • Prenatal care, pregnancy,

  • Problems related to vision contact lens, eye test

  • Flights missed due to civil protest/local war

  • Baggage that is delayed in less than 24 hours

  • Loss of keys

Eligibility for Policyholder

70 is maximum age limit up to which most insurers offer senior citizen travel insurance. However, certain plans provide insurance for people up to the age of 99.

Factors That Determine the Right Policy Right for You

The 3 most important elements that make a policy ideal for you


  • Cost of insurance is the primary factor that you must see before buying a travel insurance policy. You can evaluate the features and benefits of the policy against the premium that is charged.

Medical cover

  • Senior Citizens fall more prey to illnesses, perhaps due to weather change. That is why, you need to focus on getting adequate medical coverage. Compare plans for getting decent coverage.

Travel benefits

  • Figure out if your insurer is offering coverage for losses related to baggage or personal liability. It is always favourable if you are gaining travel benefits for slightly higher premium.


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