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Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India

Check Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India and their premium and benefits according to age.

Cancer Insurance Plans
Eligibility –(Individuals must be not suffering from pre-existing Cancer)
Entry-Exit Age
Sum Assured
Policy Term
Survival Period
HDFC Life Cancer Insurance
18-65 years
18–65 years (renewable up to 75 years)
INR 10-40 lakhs
10-20 years
The insured should survive for 7 days from the diagnosis date
Aegon Life iCancer Insurance 
18-65 years
18–65 yrs (renewable up to 70 years)
INR 10-50 lakhs
Minimum 5 years to maximum 70 years less entry age
No applicable survival period
National Insurance + CPAA Cancer Insurance Policy
For members of Cancer Patients Aid Association
Not given
INR 30,000-5 lakhs
1 year
The insured should survive for 30 days from the diagnosis date
National Insurance + ICS Cancer Insurance Policy 
For members of Indian Cancer Society
Up to 70 years
INR 50,000-2 lakhs
1 year
The insured should survive for 30 days from the diagnosis date

Types of Cancer Covered by Cancer Insurance Plans (at early and advanced stages):

  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Hypolarynx cancer
  • Prostate cancer

Benefits of Cancer Insurance Plans

  • Covers multiple stages of cancer
  • Lumpsum is paid out on cancer diagnosis
  • Premium waiver is available under certain conditions like early stage cancer diagnosis
  • If there are no claims during the year, the sum assured increases by a pre-specified percentage
  • Monthly income is paid out for a specified number of years subject to certain conditions, such as in case of major cancer diagnosis
  • Premium discounts are available for policies over a certain amount
  • Insurance cover is not ceased after first diagnosis
  • Tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act