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Aviva Dhan Nirman Insurance Plan, Policy, Premium and Maturity Calculator

Aviva Dhan Nirman Insurance Plan, Policy, Premium and Maturity Calculator - Aviva Dhan Nirman is a traditional, participating Savings Plan which is designed to provide life insurance protection and a steady source of annual income through regular payouts.

Key Features - Aviva Dhan Nirman Insurance Plan and Policy

  • This is a traditional Savings Plan where bonuses are declared.
  • Guaranteed annual payouts, expressed as a percentage of the annual premium, are paid after the completion of the premium paying tenure.
  • Simple reversionary bonuses are provided under the plan every year.
  • The policyholder can choose any term from a choice of 4 available terms and premiums are paid for a limited tenure.
  • Higher Sum Assured levels also attract premium rebates.

Eligibility Details - Aviva Dhan Nirman Insurance Plan and Policy

AGE OF ENTRY 4 years 50 years
MATURITY AGE - 75 years
SUM ASSURED Rs.2,00,000 1 crore
PREMIUM PAYMENT TERM 14/15/16/18 years
POLICY TERM 18/21/25/30 years
PAYMENT MODE Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly

Benefits - Aviva Dhan Nirman Insurance Plan and Policy

Tax Benefits

  • Tax benefits are subject to conditions specified under section 10(10D) and section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961. Tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time. Customer is advised to take an independent view from tax consultant. Service Tax & Cess, as applicable shall be levied over and above premium amount shown here as per applicable tax laws.

Maturity Benefit

  • When the plan matures and the premiums have been duly paid, the maturity benefit payable would be the Maturity Sum Assured and the vested reversionary bonuses including any Terminal Bonus declared. The Maturity Sum Assured would be a multiple of the annual premium depending on the plan tenure chosen.

Death Benefit

  • If the insured dies during plan term and the policy is in force, the death benefit payable would be highest of the following:
    1) 10 times the annual premium
    2) Maturity Sum Assured
    3) Sum Assured under the plan
    4) 105% of all premiums paid till death
    The death benefit would also include the vested reversionary bonuses and any Terminal Bonus.

Aviva Savings Life Insurance Plan, Policy, Premium and Maturity Calculator


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